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What accessories you need to buy for the care of contact lenses

If an ophthalmologist prescribed contact lenses for you, then you need to immediately buy the necessary accessories for them – a storage container and tweezers for manipulation. They will ensure safe and hygienic wearing.

Why accessories are needed and how often to change them

Daily wear contact lenses are stored and carried in a container with a solution, and removed from it and put on with special tweezers. It is advisable to change these accessories at the same time as the lenses in order to avoid the transfer of residual contaminants.

Container and solution

If you buy contact lenses for scheduled replacement, such as bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly lenses, they must be cleaned every evening to remove deposits. To do this, during breaks in wearing, they must be placed in a container filled with multifunctional solution. Stored in a special liquid, they will be cleansed and also moisturized, which will help to avoid dry eyes.

Each time the lenses must be put in a fresh portion, do not use the solution more than once – pour the old one in the morning, pour the new one in the evening. In this case, you must use the same brand. When buying, make sure it fits your lens type.

The container has two compartments, for the right and left lenses – they are specially marked with signs so as not to be confused. The fact is that each eye has its own microflora, not to mention the fact that the eyes, and hence the lenses, can have different parameters. Each compartment closes with its own tightly screwed lid. Every evening you need to fill them with a fresh portion of the multifunctional solution and put the lenses each in its own compartment. During the night, they will be cleaned and disinfected, and tightly closed lids will keep them clean and hygienic.

Before using the container for the first time, thoroughly wash and dry it on a tissue. You can not wipe it with a towel with pile!

Transportation of contact lenses is unthinkable without a container. In addition, it is simply indispensable if during the day you have irritation or something gets into your eye, and you want to temporarily remove them. Therefore, you should always carry it with you with a fresh portion of the solution.

Appearance can be different: a more strict design for men, gentle and intricate for women, or fun and playful for children.


When you open a new blister or want to take a lens out of the container, it will be difficult for you to pick it up with your fingers – you can tear it, deform it and just get dirty. Therefore, you can not do without special tweezers. It is made of plastic and has soft silicone tips at the ends. As a rule, it is immediately sold in a case in which it must be stored and where to put immediately after use. The tips should not come into contact with any other surfaces and with tap water, so as not to bring contamination and infection into the eyes. You need to change it along with the replacement of an old pair of lenses, or at least every three months.

Moisturizing drops

If you periodically experience dryness, irritation and discomfort, work at a computer for a long time, stay in a room with air conditioning, heating, dry air, then you should buy moisturizing drops for eyes and contact lenses . They will help moisturize the lenses, restore and prolong the feeling of comfort.

Do not forget about rules for caring for contact lenses so that wearing them is as comfortable as possible, and most importantly, safe for eye health.

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