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Lens mats

How much do lenses cost in vending machines

As a rule, they are cheaper than in optics stores and even online stores – due to the absence of high fees for renting premises, salaries of consultants, delivery, etc. overhead.


  • Contact lenses and solutions in lensomats are sold cheaply, at low prices, inexpensively – because there are no sellers and extra costs.
  • Vending machines are always on the way, and you can quickly and cheaply purchase goods without wasting time.
  • Vending machines are open 24 hours a day – opening hours may be limited only by the opening hours of the malls or establishments where they are located. A purchase can be made not only during the day, but also at night, and early in the morning, and late in the evening – before and after work, at any convenient time, on weekdays and weekends, sometimes around the clock and always quickly.
  • Technical support works, its phone number is usually indicated on the case. If the phone is not listed, then it is better not to try to buy something here.

What lenses are sold in vending machines

The range of lensomats is much narrower than online stores and optics stores. As a rule, these are the most popular positions of the brand Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson): 1-Day Acuvue TrueEye (for 1 day), 1-Day Acuvue Moist (for 1 day) and Acuvue Oasys (for 2 weeks). You can also find lenses Air Optix Aqua (Alcon – Ciba Vision) (for 1 month) and less often other brands .

At the same time, the most popular positions in terms of optical power (diopters) are filled into the machines. If you need lenses of other brands and rarer diopters, astigmatism lenses and multifocal, you have difficult vision and need custom parameters, please contact online stores and optical shops in your city.

Please note that you can buy lenses in vending machines only if you know the parameters that correspond to your vision: these are optical power (diopters), radius of curvature (BC), diameter (DIA), with astigmatism you also need to know the parameters of the cylinders.

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If you don't have a prescription, find a vision test and a prescription for contact lenses (not glasses!) in your city in the Optics shops and vision test.