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Contact lenses for myopia

If you find it difficult to focus on distant objects and they look blurry and fuzzy, but at the same time everything can be seen well and clearly up close, then most likely you have nearsightedness – myopia. Can I wear contact lenses with her? Not only possible, but also useful.

Contact lenses are the most modern and convenient way to correct vision. They are located right in front of the eyes and form a single optical system with the eyes. Therefore, they provide the widest viewing angle and maximum visual comfort. The lenses do not restrict movement in any way, they can be used for active sports, they are completely invisible to others.

The selection should be carried out by an ophthalmologist. It is important not only to choose the right vision parameters and determine the degree of myopia, but also to make sure that contact correction is possible for you. In some cases, for example, with allergic reactions and some eye diseases, it is contraindicated.

Symptoms of myopia – how to understand that it's time to go to the doctor

The main symptom of nearsightedness is blurred distance vision. In addition, there may be difficulties with vision in poor light, at dusk and at night. Eye strain can cause headaches, irritation, and eye fatigue.

If the condition is not corrected and regular examinations are not carried out by a doctor, then complications may arise due to progressive elongation of the eyeball: tissue malnutrition, retinal tears and retinal detachment, which can lead to loss of vision.

Visual discomfort is always a serious reason to check your eyesight. If you experience symptoms similar to these signs, seek a complete examination, eye examination and, if necessary, the selection of myopia correction products. As a rule, myopia is corrected with glasses or contact lenses. And those who already wear them should regularly visit an ophthalmologist, preferably once a year.

The causes of myopia

As a rule, myopia appears in childhood, and then gradually progresses. And every year the number of children with it increases, today about 20% of schoolchildren suffer from myopia.

Usually the development of the disease is associated with an irregular shape of the eye. It is more elongated, oval, because of this, the light rays are focused not on the retina, as it should be, but in front of it. Progression can be affected by astigmatism and farsightedness, and myopia can be inherited. If both parents have myopia, then with a probability of more than 50%, the child will also develop it.

Myopia can occur due to excessive visual stress, non-observance of the distance when reading, prolonged work at the computer. An important factor is a balanced diet: you need to get enough vitamins and trace elements necessary for the normal synthesis of eye shell tissues. It can also be provoked by some vascular diseases and improperly selected means of vision correction, so it is important that an ophthalmologist is engaged in their selection.

How to treat myopia

In case of serious disorders, high diopter values, laser surgery, which will be performed in a specialized clinic, may be the best way out. However, for minor disorders, there is no special treatment, so only glasses or lenses can improve the quality of vision. Also, do not forget about special gymnastics for the eyes. It helps to train the eye muscles and adaptive properties of the eye, prevents the development of the disease, and in some cases can lead to an improvement in the condition.

How to buy contact lenses for myopia

Start by visiting a doctor. You can contact optics salon: check your eyesight, find out the parameters of suitable contact lenses, write a prescription. Often in salons that deal with contact correction, there is a fitting service: it will allow you to choose the most comfortable option. At the same time, you will be taught how to remove and put on lenses, how to handle them, and you will be offered related products that coexist with the chosen type of lenses: solutions and accessories.

If you already have a recipe, look for them also in online stores and lens mats. It might be cheaper.

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