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Eye protection from ultraviolet radiation – why and how to protect

The sun is wonderful! But a lot of sun, as we well know, is dangerous, including dangerous for the eyes. It is characteristic that both direct sunlight and those reflected from snow, ice, and water are harmful. The harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation are insidious in that the consequences can appear after a long time, and not only in the form of retinal burns when we look directly at the sun without protection. Over time, other eye conditions may develop, such as cataracts, which react to excessive exposure to ultraviolet light. By the way, ultraviolet penetrates through the clouds, which enhances its deceit.

How to protect your eyes from the sun

In sunlight, ultraviolet radiation is responsible for the harmful effects. Therefore, not just dark glasses protect from the sun, but glasses with a UV filter. Contact lenses are also available with an ultraviolet filter. Of course, the lenses are not made dark, this is not required, since the main factor in protection is the UV blocking coating.

I must say that neither sunglasses nor contact lenses protect the eyes at 100%: the former do not fit tightly to the eyes, the latter cover only the iris. Full comfort is more likely to provide a combination of both. If there is a lot of sun, then it is also worth protecting yourself with wide-brimmed hats or a cap visor.

When choosing contact lenses, pay attention not only to the period and mode of wearing, oxygen permeability, moisture content, etc. To take care of your health, also look at the presence of UV filters, especially if you spend a lot of time spend outdoors, go on vacation to the sea, to the mountains, go for a winter walk or go skiing. This will save your vision now and in the future.

Benefits of contact lenses with UV protection

  • Allows you to play sports, which is sometimes difficult in sunglasses.
  • Protect the eyes also in cloudy weather.

How to buy UV contact lenses online

First of all, in order to purchase in an online store, you must know exactly your vision parameters. They are in the prescription, which is written by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Keep in mind that a prescription for glasses does not contain the necessary information, you need a prescription for lenses. If you do not have a prescription or have not had your eyes checked for a long time and experience visual discomfort, you can contact one of the opticians. This is convenient and can be profitable: sometimes in salons the selection of contact lenses and the issuance of a prescription upon purchase is free of charge.

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