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How to properly care for contact lenses

Hygiene when using contact lenses ensures eye health, clear vision and comfort. It is important to know the rules of care in order to avoid unpleasant and dangerous complications, infections and irritation.

Why care of contact lenses is so important

A very important rule: contact lenses can not be worn longer than the prescribed period, they must be changed in time for a new pair.

If these are lenses of long replacement periods that are worn only during the day (except for lenses that can be worn without removing the night), then in the evening they must be put into a container with a fresh portion of the cleansing solution. This is the only way to protect the eyes from unpleasant consequences.

No matter how convenient and effective they may be, it is still a foreign body. Even modern ones, made of biocompatible materials, cause a reaction from the eyes – protein release. These proteins originate from the lacrimal fluid or are the product of defense against a foreign body. Over time, they accumulate on the surface of the lens.

The less resistant its material to protein deposits, the more often they need to be removed. If the surface is not cleaned in time, an allergic reaction or a dangerous eye infection may develop. Protein deposits and impurities also clog pores, interfere with the flow of oxygen to the cornea of ​​the eye, reduce visibility and cause severe discomfort.

Deposits must be removed every day. This is done chemically, with the help of special solutions in which the lenses are placed during storage. They remove up to 90% of deposits and contaminants, clean, disinfect, moisten and moisturize.

Rules for the care of contact lenses

Wearing hygiene is easy. You just need to remember and follow simple rules:

  1. Keep clean – lenses should not be touched with dirty hands, and the tweezers, container, cap and spout of the solution bottle should not touch dirty surfaces.
  2. Read the instructions, find out how long you can wear a particular brand without taking it off, whether you can sleep in them, whether you need to take them off at night. When wearing during the day, be sure to remove the lenses at night and clean.
  3. Do not overwear the lenses, observe the replacement period. This is not a marketing ploy, but strict rules to preserve vision. Remember or put a mark on the box, enter a reminder in your mobile phone to start wearing. If you cannot remember the exact date and there is a risk of overwearing, it is better to replace the lenses.
  4. Buy special accessories – tweezers, container, multifunctional solution. For each new pair, it is advisable to use a new container and tweezers.
  5. Do not confuse the compartments for the right and left lenses in the container – each eye has its own microflora, they should not be mixed with each other. Especially if different eyes have different vision parameters.
  6. Do not swim in contact lenses and do not take a shower in them, they should not come into contact with water, because dangerous microorganisms can settle on them.

Disposable contact lenses are the most hygienic. Every day you put on a fresh and clean pair, and throw it away in the evening after taking it off. During the day, they do not have time to form protein and lipid deposits and pollution. The vision in them is as clear as possible, and the comfort is the highest.

But remember that they must be thrown away in the evening after removal, you can not wear them for more than one day, because the material is not designed for this. Wearing disposable lenses for more than 1 day can be dangerous.

Multifunctional solutions

If you choose contact lenses with a longer planned replacement period, for example, biweekly, monthly< /a> or quarterly, then you definitely need a multipurpose solution – a special liquid for their storage and purification. He will perform all care tasks at once:

  • Removing deposits;
  • Disinfection;
  • Cleaning from dirt, dust, foreign particles;
  • Rinsing;
  • Wetting;
  • Moisture.

How to choose a solution

The choice depends on the material of the lens. Most modern multifunctional solutions are suitable for all types. But when buying, ask a specialist if a particular brand is suitable for hydrogel or silicone hydrogel lenses, depending on what you wear.

Rules for the use of solutions

  1. Always read the instructions for use carefully.
  2. As a rule, the shelf life after opening the package is 3 – 4 months. Do not use it after this period, the liquid may become non-effective or even dangerous.
  3. Do not touch foreign surfaces with the cap and neck of the bottle, and always close the cap tightly after use.

If you experience any discomfort, contact your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact optics shops. There you can buy everything you need.

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