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Is it possible to wear contact lenses in summer, in the heat?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses in summer, in the heat, and they are just as comfortable as in any other circumstances. There is a constant temperature of 35°C on the surface of the eye, regardless of the ambient temperature, so the heat does not affect their temperature and properties.

In fact, contact lenses have all the necessary properties to ensure comfort and safety in all conditions. The formula of the material contains moisturizing agents that maintain the level of moisture inside the lens at all times while it is on the eye, which means it helps to avoid dryness and irritation. It also has a high level of gas permeability: this means that enough oxygen is supplied to the eyes and the natural metabolism of the cornea is not disturbed, plus the moisture inside the lens allows a better supply of oxygen to it. Thanks to these properties, they guarantee effective, convenient and safe vision correction even in summer, in the hot season.

Benefits and how it is convenient

Compared to glasses, contact lenses have many advantages in the hot summer months.

  1. Glasses create a lot of inconvenience – their frames heat up, the skin sweats under them, and irritation occurs. It is natural that you can quickly get tired of them. Contact lenses are worn directly on the cornea of ​​the eye, without being felt during the day even at high air temperatures, therefore, in these conditions they do not cause any discomfort.
  2. Being on the eyes, the lenses create a single optical system with them, so contact correction is more effective.
  3. Another advantage is that they provide reliable eye protection from environmental factors. In summer, cities have a lot of dust, pollen, smoke from frequent forest fires, but the eye is protected from all this by a lens tightly attached to it.

Sun protection

During active sun it is important to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation, so you should choose contact lenses with a UV filter. They will be in front of your eyes all the time, so even in cloudy weather, your eyes will be protected from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, the design and material eliminate solar glare, so vision remains clear in any conditions, in conditions of high light and intense sun too.

Rules for choosing and wearing contact lenses

Keep your lenses hygienic – don't forget to remove them in the evening and place them in a fresh storage solution. In summer, there is especially a lot of dust on the streets, if you do not clean them in a special liquid, inflammation and infection of the eyes are possible. The easiest, most convenient and hygienic way is to use one-day contact lenses, which are simply thrown away at the end of the day. But even with them, be sure to observe the wearing mode and do not wear more than the time specified by the manufacturer.

If dry, hot air makes your eyes feel dry, gritty, itchy, and irritated, or if you work in an air-conditioned office, use moisturizing eye drops. They will provide additional comfort and help to avoid discomfort and fatigue.

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