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Modes of wearing and terms of replacement of contact lenses

Key characteristics of contact lenses are service life and wearing mode.

Service life (replacement period) is the allowed period of use. At the end of this time, they must be replaced with a new pair. This must be done even if no discomfort is felt. This period of time may be shorter if discomfort occurs or the lens has deteriorated - torn, deformed. But the service life cannot be longer than specified by the manufacturer.

Wearing mode is the maximum period of time during which a particular brand can be worn without taking it off. After that, unpleasant sensations of dryness, itching, redness and inflammation of the eyes may appear. This happens because moisture levels, oxygen permeability and resistance to dirt and deposits are reduced.

Terms for replacing contact lenses

Scheduled Replacement

  1. Quarterly or tri-monthly. The service life is 3 months. Worn during the day and removed at night. This is the most economical option, but towards the end of the service life, deposits gradually accumulate and visual acuity deteriorates.
  2. Monthly. The service life is 1 month. This mode is very popular because these lenses are inexpensive and safer and more hygienic than 3-month lenses. There are different wearing modes.

Frequent scheduled replacement

These are weekly and two-week lenses. The service life is from 7 to 14 days. Optimal ratio of hygiene and price.

Daily replacement

Disposable contact lenses are changed every day. This is the most hygienic way to wear, but also the most expensive. Their great advantage is that they do not require a storage solution.

Modes of wearing contact lenses

Daily DW (daily wear)

These lenses are only worn during the day and removed at night. Lenses for scheduled and frequent scheduled replacement after removal at night are removed in a solution for storage and cleaning, and put on fresh, cleaned in the morning. In the daytime mode, it is recommended to spend no more than 10-12 hours in lenses. The package contains the designation DW (daily wear).

Flexible FW (flex wear)

With this mode, it is allowed to wear for 1 to 3 days without removing. The package is marked FW (flex wear).

Extended (continuous) EX (extended wear)

You can wear for 6-7 days without removing it at night. There are also lenses continuous wear for a whole month, 30 days, after which the eyes must be given a rest. They are made of silicone hydrogel, which has a high oxygen permeability. Because of this, you can wear them for so long. If desired, they can be removed, but be sure to store them in solution during the break. The package contains the designation EX (extended wear).

Why you shouldn't wear contact lenses?

Proper wearing mode is the key to eye health and effective vision correction. The service life and mode of wearing is determined based on the lens material, how it is processed and its characteristics, and it must be observed. It is carefully checked by the manufacturer, because over time the material begins to change its parameters.

In particular, when overwearing, the resistance of the lens to biological deposits decreases. It dries out, loses its optical properties and becomes unsafe, there is a risk of infections and inflammation. The eye does not receive oxygen, dryness, discomfort develops, which are not so easy to cure.

For daily wear, high moisture lenses can be worn for 12 to 16 hours in a row. After that, they need to be removed and put into the solution, usually overnight. During the time that the lens is on the eye, it partially loses its properties and will be able to restore them by morning. If you need to wear them at night, for example, in order to see clearly when you open your eyes, then you must definitely use the extended mode option (day and night without taking off).

Before buying your first contact lenses, be sure to consult your doctor and find out which regimen is right for you. The reaction to different materials is different for everyone: someone calmly wears lenses continuously for a whole month, while others can only wear them during the day because of sensitive eyes.

Don't over wear your lenses. Do not sleep in them unless it is allowed by the manufacturer, and also change them in time. This is very important for eye health.

How to buy contact lenses

In optics shops or medical institutions, you can have your eyesight checked by a contactologist or ophthalmologist to write a prescription for lenses to match your vision. Then you can buy them not only in optics, but also in online stores or lensmats.

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