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Multifunctional solutions for contact lenses

Multipurpose solution is a liquid for storing and simultaneously disinfecting and cleaning contact lenses.

Any lens after the day and before reuse the next day must be:

  • Clear
  • Disinfect
  • Moisturize

This does not apply only to one-day and lenses that are worn all the time without taking off at night, continuously, i.e. in fact, disposable, with a longer or shorter period of wearing.

If this is not done, then the health of the eye may be damaged – you will feel dryness and discomfort, dirt may be brought into the eye and inflammation will begin, the eye will not receive enough oxygen. All three tasks: cleaning, disinfection and moistening, are solved by multifunctional storage and cleaning solutions. Contact lenses must be placed in them at night, as well as during any break in wearing. Being not on the eye, they should only be in a storage solution.

Advantages of multifunctional solutions

During storage, they clean the lenses in the most effective way precisely from those deposits that are characteristic for the material from which the lense is made (for example, protein or lipid). Lenses are also disinfected and moisturized. Thus, the use of one universal solution provides all the necessary care without additional effort. In the morning, the lens can be worn again, clean, smooth, hydrated and breathable. The eye does not feel dryness or discomfort.

Rules for the use of universal solutions

  • Use the solution only on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist. The fact is that modern multifunctional solutions are prescribed for storing and cleaning lenses from certain materials: for hydrogel lenses this is one solution, for silicone hydrogels it is another. These and other circumstances are known to the specialist.
  • Do not use after the expiration date. Use of expired fluid is hazardous to eye health.
  • Keep hygiene. Remove the lens with clean, dry hands, use a lint-free hand towel. Also treat storage containers with the same solution and change them at least once a month, and use only clean tweezers for manipulation. Avoid touching the open neck of the vial. Close it immediately after use.
  • Do not use tap water for washing and storing lenses, water from other open sources, pools. This will lead to infection of the eye by microorganisms.
  • A properly selected solution eliminates the need for mechanical cleaning of the lens (wiping with a finger). Cleaning is done chemically. It is safe and healthy because it keeps it absolutely clean and completely removes all deposits that cause discomfort when worn, irritation and inflammation of the eyes.
  • Disposable lenses are the only ones that do not require a solution for storage, rinsing and cleaning. There are also continuous and extended wear lenses (for example, 30 days without removing or some types of two weeks), however, they may require short breaks in wear, and during this time they must be stored in a special liquid.

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