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Swimming goggles with diopters

You can't swim in contact lenses, but with myopia, this is not a reason to refuse swimming and diving. And this is not a reason not to see anything in the water. There is a wonderful invention – special glasses for vision, in which you can swim. Keep up your water sports with prescription sports swimming goggles. They will not only protect your eyes from chlorinated and salty water, but also allow you to see better, even underwater.

They are made of silicone, which fits snugly on the head and does not allow water to penetrate, you can safely swim with your eyes open. Comes with interchangeable nose pads. They are fixed on the head with an elastic band, and the lenses themselves are made of plastic, on which an anti-fog coating is applied. Sports stores sell a special spray to restore it as it wears off.

Where to buy

Unlike ordinary sports glasses, eyeglasses are sold in optics stores. As a rule, there are negative ones on sale, for myopia, in the range from -2 to -7 diopters. Find out more exact information in optical salons. In the same place, in optical shops, consult an ophthalmologist, if necessary, check your eyesight.

How to choose swimming goggles with diopters

Please note that the lenses in swimming goggles have a pitch of 0.5 diopters and 1.0 diopters. Correction of vision to within quarters for swimming is not required: for vision under water this is quite enough. You need to buy them with lenses of the same optical power or slightly weaker than your usual ones.

Selection table

Glasses for vision Swimming goggles
-2.25 -2.00
-2.75 -2.50
-3.25 -3.00
-3.75 -3.50
-4.25 -4.00
-4.75 -4.50
-5.25 -5.00
-5.75 -5.50
-6.25 -6.00
-6.75 -6.50
-7.25 -7.00

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