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Why do you need colored contact lenses?

Colored or patterned lenses are primarily designed to visually change the color of the eyes in a wide range: from an elegant correction to a carnival effect. They have a special color and a special pattern that mimics the natural iris or, on the contrary, an unnatural, “crazy” look: the variety of options for how you can “remake” the eyes with their help is huge. Their color overlaps the natural appearance of the eyes, which is why the look and even appearance changes. At the same time, they can simultaneously serve medical purposes, for vision correction.

Colored and tinted contact lenses

Colored and tinted lenses are cosmetic, that is, those used to decorate and change the appearance. Also distinguished are beauty lenses and carnival (crazy).

Due to the fact that the coloring pigment in colored lenses is bright and saturated, a dense pattern can cover any natural eye color. Therefore, they are suitable for changing both light and dark eyes (gray, green, blue and brown), although not every color can cover the natural one, so they are separately designed for light and dark eyes.

Tinted lenses have a less noticeable effect than colored lenses because their color is not as dense and bright. They are designed to enhance the natural color of the eyes or to slightly change it. The cosmetic effect is that they make the look deeper, more expressive, more attractive. They are usually recommended for light eyes, since a translucent pattern is rarely able to cover the dark natural iris.

Decorative and carnival contact lenses

There is another category that is worn for cosmetic purposes - decorative lenses. They are carnival, club, theatrical – with an unusual pattern, unnatural bright colors or with certain effects. They are not worn in everyday life, but are used at special events as an addition to a carnival or theatrical costume. They are, for example, completely black or white, with alien eyes, a vampire, with the effect of cat eyes, etc. They are especially popular in addition to Halloween fancy dress, for other themed parties.

Beauty lenses

They have a natural look and have an additional effect that enhances the expressiveness and attractiveness of the look.

With diopters

All of these types can be used for vision correction. Most brands are presented in a wide range of diopters, where there are also positions without diopters.

How to choose and buy colored contact lenses

The selection should be carried out by an ophthalmologist. Even if you do not need vision correction and you do not have any eye diseases, it is necessary that the doctor confirms the ability to use colored contact lenses for cosmetic effect.

When buying, choose the diopter value that is necessary to correct your vision. Do not use options with diopters, if everything is in order, this will lead to unpleasant consequences.

In addition, there are different replacement periods. You can buy one-day, monthly, quarterly (three months). For lenses with a replacement period of more than one day, you will need storage and cleaning solution. Daily lenses are worn for a maximum of one day and are thrown away as soon as you remove them. The rest must be placed in a special liquid in the intervals between wearing, otherwise you can harm your eyes and ruin your eyesight.

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