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Can children wear contact lenses?

If children have vision problems (most often it is myopia, although not only), most begin to wear glasses. However, they may be shy, it is inconvenient for them to move, play, play sports. Can children wear contact lenses and are there children's contact lenses? Let's say right away – yes, you can, they exist, these are the same products as for adults. But it is very important to measure the parameters correctly and buy lenses exactly according to the prescription. And they can be more effective than glasses.

More and more children spend a lot of time in front of electronic devices – on a smartphone, tablet, in front of a computer or TV. The screens of electronic devices force you to strain your eyes, and besides, your eyes switch a little, because the screen size is often small and is located at the same distance from the eyes. And children do not like to be distracted from gadgets (although parents should try). For the eyes, this is an extremely uncomfortable situation, as a result, vision deteriorates.

The advantages of contact lenses for children over glasses

  • Invisible to the eyes, so they do not cause embarrassment and help the child or teenager feel confident.
  • Significantly more comfortable than glasses as they avoid pressure behind the ears and bridge of the nose and do not fog or smudge.
  • They are worn directly on the eyes, creating an integral optical system with them. They do not have a limited field of vision, as is the case with glasses.
  • They allow the child to play sports, be active, play and run, and do not restrict their freedom in any way, unlike glasses.
  • Won't break or hurt.
  • If the lens is lost, buying a new pair is cheaper than new glasses.

At what age can children wear contact lenses

The question of age is completely individual. In general, they can be worn even by babies. If vision problems appear early, it is better to start contact correction immediately.

The main question is whether the child will be able to take care of the lenses on their own, remove and put them on, and store them properly. There is an opinion that it is possible to cope with this task from 8-10 years. However, many parents opt for contact correction at an earlier age. In this case, all the manipulations are done by the parents (read about how to properly put on and take off lenses).

So it is important that the child himself is ready. He must understand the importance of proper handling of lenses. But first of all, all care procedures were able to be performed by parents. Then they will be able to help master all the processes and carefully monitor their strict implementation, as well as timely replacement.

When children learn to cope on their own, as a rule, in 3 months they fully master all the procedures and monitor wearing hygiene even better than some adults.

Safety of children's contact lenses

This is a completely safe method of vision correction for children. It is only important to take it off in time, clean it properly, change it to a new pair in time. Modern brands are comfortable and not felt before the eyes, getting used to them happens quickly. They are well moistened, pass enough oxygen, resistant to biological deposits. Therefore, the eyes do not dry out in them, the cornea maintains a healthy metabolism, there is no risk of inflammation and infections.

Recommendations for choosing children's contact lenses

  1. It is preferable to choose a daily wear mode to reduce the risk of eye complications due to inaccuracies in use.
  2. Because children have lower corneal sensitivity than adults, they should choose a material with high oxygen permeability.
  3. To make wearing as hygienic as possible and easy to care for, we recommend one-day contact lenses. They are worn for one day and then thrown away. The next day, the child puts on a new pair. They are especially suitable for small children.

How to choose children's contact lenses

The selection should be done by an ophthalmologist, preferably for children. He will check his eyesight, make sure that the child has no contraindications for contact correction. Next, he will select suitable lenses and write out a prescription with the necessary parameters: diopter power, radius of curvature and diameter, with astigmatism – cylinders. The doctor will show you how to properly remove and put on lenses, tell you about all the nuances of care. Parents must also learn all these rules, they are not too complicated, but very important.

How to buy contact lenses for children

You must have a prescription. In optical salons, you can check your eyesight with a professional ophthalmologist and find out the parameters of lenses suitable for your child. Then you can make a purchase in the online store or lensomats.

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