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Is it possible to swim in contact lenses in the sea and pool?

Is it possible to swim in contact lenses, will they be washed off with water? How to engage in water sports or relax on the sea with poor eyesight?

In contact lenses you can not swim either in pools or in natural reservoirs – in a river, lake, pond, in the sea. When bathing, they can, indeed, simply be washed off with water. However, this is not the only and not the biggest danger. In the worst case, they will be contaminated right before your eyes. Microbes that have penetrated inside or under the lens multiply rapidly, leading to inflammatory bacterial diseases of the eye.

Another reason is that as a result of interaction with water, the properties of the hydrogel, the material from which they are made, will change. The fact is that pool water or sea water is a non-isotonic solution for it. Its impact can lead to a change in the properties of the polymer, and, as a result, to an incorrect “fit” of the lens on the eye and the inability to wear it.

In order not to risk eye health, it is recommended to swim in special swimming glasses for sight, with diopters. It is more comfortable, you can swim in them like regular swimming goggles, with your eyes open, and it is safe for your eyes.

Such glasses are sold in optical shops and are in demand by swimmers and swimming enthusiasts.

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