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09.06.2023 Можно ли носить контактные линзы не снимая?
Можно ли носить линзы не снимая на ночь, на несколько дней, неделю или даже целый месяц? Опасно ли это? Давайте разберемся.

09.06.2023 Симптомы астигматизма, его лечение и коррекция
Что такое астигматизм, каковы его симптомы и как его лечить у взрослых и детей? Можно ли носить контактные линзы при астигматизме и как избавиться от него навсегда? 

07.08.2022 Is it possible to swim in contact lenses in the sea and pool?
Is it possible to swim in contact lenses, will they be washed off with water? How to engage in water sports or relax on the sea with poor eyesight?

07.08.2022 Why do you need colored contact lenses?
Colored or patterned lenses are primarily designed to visually change the color of the eyes in a wide range: from an elegant correction to a carnival effect.

07.08.2022 Hydrogel contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are divided into two classes depending on the material from which they are made: hydrogel and silicone hydrogel.

07.08.2022 Benefits and contraindications for contact lenses
Which is better – contact lenses or glasses? Is it true that lenses are more comfortable? You be the judge, but lenses do have a number of advantages.

07.08.2022 Silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are recommended by most ophthalmologists. They combine the advantage of two materials: silicone and hydrogel.

07.08.2022 Spherical and aspherical contact lenses
Standard contact lenses for the correction of nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hypermetropia) have a spherical design, that is, they look like part of a sphere (ball). But there is also an aspherical design that provides even sharper and more accurate vision.

07.08.2022 Modes of wearing and terms of replacement of contact lenses
Key characteristics of contact lenses are service life and wearing mode.

07.08.2022 What is dry eye syndrome and how is it treated?
Usually this phenomenon is characteristic of people who, for some reason, have impaired tear secretion or increased tear evaporation.

07.08.2022 Multifunctional solutions for contact lenses
Multipurpose solution is a liquid for storing and simultaneously disinfecting and cleaning contact lenses.

07.08.2022 What accessories you need to buy for the care of contact lenses
If an ophthalmologist prescribed contact lenses for you, then you need to immediately buy the necessary accessories for them – a storage container and tweezers for manipulation. They will ensure safe and hygienic wearing.

07.08.2022 How to keep your vision
Is it worth giving up glasses in case of vision loss and how to avoid this at all? There are rules of prevention, they are simple and effective.

07.08.2022 What causes deposits to build up on contact lenses?
What is deposits that appear on the lenses, what their accumulation depends on and how to get rid of them – because they irritate the eye, lead to its diseases and reduce visual acuity.

07.08.2022 Bifocal glasses – what is it. Progressive glasses
Bifocal glasses become necessary after the appearance of the so-called "age-related farsightedness", an eye condition that appears with age, which is scientifically called "presbyopia". Their lenses combine two tricks: to look into the distance and to look close, for example, to read.

07.08.2022 The radius of curvature of contact lenses – what is this parameter
One of the important parameters is the radius of base curvature, in the recipe it is denoted BC, R. What does this indicator mean and what happens if you do not follow it?

20.07.2022 Toric contact lenses for astigmatism
Astigmatism is a visual defect that causes distortion of the image and blurred vision. It must be corrected, otherwise it causes discomfort, can lead to severe visual impairment and even strabismus.

20.07.2022 Contact lenses for farsightedness
With farsightedness (hypermetropia), a person sees distant objects well, but his eyes cannot focus on nearby objects. At the same time, it is difficult to write, work at a computer and read, especially in small print.

20.07.2022 Is it possible to wear contact lenses in summer, in the heat?
Yes, you can wear contact lenses in the summer, in the heat, and they are just as comfortable as in any other circumstances. There is a constant temperature of 35°C on the surface of the eye, regardless of the ambient temperature, so the heat does not affect their temperature and properties.

20.07.2022 Can you wear contact lenses in winter, in frosty weather?
Can contact lenses freeze to the eye or damage the retina in the cold? It sounds scary, but it's safe to say that it's not true. Do not rush to change lenses for glasses in winter, the lens will not freeze to the eye, will not damage it and will not lose its properties.

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